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Can the app work on the Brave browser?
Can the app work on the Brave browser?

Explains how allow cookies on the Brave browser.

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Cookies are required by Shopify to log in to embedded apps, like ours, and it is the only method supported by Shopify for the embedded apps to work into the Shopify admin.

By default, the Brave browser will block third-party cookies. So, to make embedded apps work while using this browser, you would need to adjust your cookies settings.

When you log into your Shopify admin, you will need to click on the Shield at the top right corner and set the cookies to "All Cookies allowed".

That will ensure our apps can be displayed and loaded correctly in your Shopify Admin.

Note: Shopify requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure that you can use all of Shopify's features. Also, the Brave browser is not a support browser on Shopify's list, as you can see in this post: Therefore, support for it is still not 100%.


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