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Product images are not showing

Explains possible reasons why you are seeing a blank space instead of the product images.

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If the product images are not being displayed on the documents or emails and you see only a blank space instead of the image, like in this screenshot:

There can be three main reasons for that:

1- The product was removed from your Shopify admin after this order was placed. The images will then no longer exist for the product.

2- The product images have been updated since the order was placed. The exact image it was referring to will then no longer exist. In this case, you must wait 4 to 6 hours for OrderlyPrint to gather the latest images.

3- You added a "custom item" to the order when creating a Draft order. Custom products don't have images (or other product/variant data) associated with them.

To confirm if the product images can display in the documents, check the same order in your Shopify admin. If you don't see product images in the Shopify admin for this order, then you will not see product images in the documents either.

If it's none of the above, please get in contact with our support team using the message icon on the lower right corner of this page so we can investigate.

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