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Changing your store's contact and address information
Changing your store's contact and address information

Explains how to change the store address and store email in your purchased template

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You may change or update the store email and address on your documents at any time you want. Here's how:

1- From your Shopify admin > Apps > Order Printer Templates
​2- Click on the "Customize template" button beside your template
​3- On the in-app editor, select "Edit text and language" or enable the "edit text mode" on top of the template editor
​4- Manually type and change the store address and/or email you have in the document.

Note: You can click on any text with a colored background to edit.

5- After all the changes are made, please don't forget to click on the "Export to Order Printer" button and follow the instructions.

This ensures that the actual documents printed will use your latest template version.

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