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Showing last 4 digits of credit cards

Explains how to show the last 4 digits of the credit card of the payment method in the Invoice

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If you would like your template to display the last four digits of the credit card used at checkout in the template Payment method line, it is possible. It requires a small change to the template code provided by the app.

Note: To make these changes, you'll need to have access to the template code; and for that, you'd need to purchase the template.

1- On the template code, locate the following line:

 {% capture t_text %}{{ transaction.payment_details.credit_card_company }}

2- Then add the following line just next to it

({{ transaction.payment_details.credit_card_number | replace: " ", "" | replace: "•", ""}})

Note: Make sure you paste it before the {% endcapture %}

Once this is set, your template will display the last four digits of the credit card used at checkout.

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