Shopify's built-in packing slip feature

Explains why our Packing Slip template can't be used in the Shopify built-in packing slip section.

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Shopify has a built-in packing slip in their settings which can be customised by going to your Shopify admin > Settings > Shipping and delivery > Packing slip.

However, our Packing Slip template code cannot be used here. Unfortunately, we cannot replace the default template because this default Packing Slip section is not compatible with our templates; it does not have many of the needed liquid variables available. If the code is exported here, you might notice a strange code on top of the document, which confirms its incompatibility.

The template will work perfectly fine with either the FREE Shopify Order printer app or our Order Printer Pro app. Both apps support the needed liquid variables to pull out and display the information nicely. Also, they allow you to quickly and easily print your documents.

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