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HS Tariff Codes and Country of Origin not displaying
HS Tariff Codes and Country of Origin not displaying

Instructions for updating the app permissions to enable inventory item related information in the templates

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By default, our Commercial invoice for exports template includes the HS Tariff Code and Country of Origin information. However, you can also get these details shown in our other templates by inserting the below code into the template code:

{% if line_item.hs_tariff_code != blank %}
<p class="item-description-line">HS Tariff Code: {{ line_item.hs_tariff_code }}</p>
{% endif %}
{% if line_item.country_of_origin != blank %}
<p class="item-description-line">COO: {{ line_item.country_of_origin }}</p>
{% endif %}

Note: This is useful if you are using our Order Printer Pro app to generate the documents, the Shopify Order Printer app does not support these variables.

Permission upgrade needed on some accounts for HS Tariff Codes and Country of Origin

On some older Order Printer Pro accounts, the HS Tariff Code and Country of Origin information may not get displayed after adding those liquid variables.

To access this information, the app may need to upgrade the permissions so that it can access those details in your store. Upgrading permissions is both easy and safe to do (nothing will visibly change in your account or templates).

To upgrade the permissions for the app, please do the following:

  1. Login to Order Printer Pro

  2. Go to the Account tab

  3. If your account needs a permissions upgrade, you will see the below section and button to upgrade.

Note: It must be the Shopify account owner that clicks the button to upgrade permissions. Once you have confirmed the upgrade, then the changes are made instantly.

The reason that this upgrade has to be made manually, is so you can choose when the upgrade happens. We do not want to interrupt or break the app by forcing accounts to upgrade on login, as the person logging in or using the app day-to-day may not be the account owner.

Having difficulties getting this information into the template? No worries, get in touch with our support team, and we'll be glad to do it for you.

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