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Order Printer Templates vs Order Printer Pro
Order Printer Templates vs Order Printer Pro

Explains the difference between Order Printer Templates and Order Printer Pro

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The great difference between the two apps is that Order Printer Templates is a design tool for creating custom template designs, without needing to code them yourself. And then, those templates can then be used in either the Shopify Order Printer app or the Order Printer Pro app so you can generate your documents.

On the other hand, Order Printer Pro uses default templates provided, or your custom templates imported from Order Printer Templates. This app allows you to print documents, and also delivers them as PDF documents to your customers automatically. 

The main features of Order Printer Templates

  1. It has the following templates available for purchase:

  • Invoice / Receipt

  • Packing Slip

  • Returns Form

  • Gift Receipt

2. Automatically fills in order and customer data, no manual entry needed.

3. The templates allow you to customize the design to suit your brand and style - it takes less than 5 minutes. 

  • Include your logo, colors and fonts so it matches your website design.

  • Customize store details, including your contact details, social and tax information.

  • Include product images and barcodes for easier packing. 

  • Easy date and address formatting to suit your country. 

  • Correctly show order pricing, tax info, order notes, and product details.

  • Include the text of important terms and conditions on each document.

4. 1-Click translation.

5. Works with Shopify multi-currency

6. Support for Product Options and Product Customizer apps.

7. Support for Integrated Label style paper, so you get a document and address label in one.

8. Use your template with:

  • Shopify's Order Printer app (Free) - for printing documents for a single order, or multiple orders at once.

  • Order Printer Pro by FORSBERG+two (Free if you handle less than 50 orders a month, $10 if you handle more than 50 a month) - for printing and providing customers with a downloadable PDF document, automatically. Faster and more powerful than Shopify's Order Printer.

The main features of Order Printer Pro

  1. Order Printer Pro can create your customer-related documents quickly, up to 50 at a time.

  2. Templates can be imported from Order Printer by Shopify and Order Printer Templates.

  3. Improved template designs. Order Printer Pro includes the following documents by default:

  • Invoices / Receipt

  • Packing Slip

  • Returns form

  • Quote for Draft orders

  • Refund / Credit note

  • Purchase order (for dropshippers)

  • Commercial invoice for exports

   4. Supports Shopify Multi-currency.

   5. Order Printer Pro allows you to both print and Export PDF documents from your Shopify admin.

   6. Order Printer Pro works with regular and draft orders, allowing you to print and email quotes to customers.

    7. Order Printer Pro allows you to automatically deliver PDF documents to your customers using the "Automated PDFs" feature, so you don't need to manually print common documents, such as invoices/receipts. This also reduces your support requests asking for receipts/invoices.

    8. Order Printer Pro actually works in the Shopify POS and Mobile apps.

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