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Korean characters not displaying correctly
Korean characters not displaying correctly

How to include a custom font, so that Korean language characters display correctly in the documents and PDF downloads.

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Some languages require specific fonts to be included in the template, so that the language characters display correctly. This guide shows how to add support for Korean to a template, by using the font named "Noto Sans KR"

Note: The following guide assumes you are using the template designs that are provided within the Order Printer Pro app.

Add the font to your templates

1- Open Order Printer Pro (Shopify admin > Apps)
2- Go to the "Manage templates" page
3- Click the "Edit template" button on the template you would like update
4- In the code section, scroll down in the code until you see the CSS styling towards the bottom:

5- Paste the following code, just below the <style>  line. 

@import url(',400,700&display=swap&subset=korean');

See below example after making this change:

6- Update the font-family  CSS rule found just a few lines lower, to use the new font. To do this, change the text "Open Sans"  to be "Noto Sans KR" , making sure the quotation marks are included.

See below example after making this change:

7- Click "Save" and you are done.

Now your template will load the needed font for displaying Korean characters correctly.

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