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Order Printer vs Order Printer Pro
Order Printer vs Order Printer Pro

Describes the difference between the Shopify Order Printer app, and the Order Printer Pro apps

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Order Printer Pro improves many of the features that are available in the standard Order Printer app, and contains additional features to automate and improve your efficiency.

The main advantages of Order Printer Pro

1- Order Printer Pro is faster at printing multiple orders at once from your Shopify admin.

2- Order Printer Pro supports Draft orders, allowing you to print and email quotes to customers.

3- Order Printer Pro allows you to both print and download PDF documents from your Shopify admin

4- Order Printer Pro allows you to automatically deliver PDF documents to your customers using the "Automated PDFs" feature, so you don't need to manually print common documents, such as invoices / receipts. This also reduces your support requests asking for receipts/invoices.

5- Order Printer Pro supports more liquid variables in the documents. For example, in Order Printer Pro you can show only fulfilled items in Packing Slips, which is not possible in the standard Order Printer app.

6- Improved template designs. Order Printer Pro includes the following improved documents by default:

  • Invoices / Receipt

  • Packing Slip

  • Returns form

  • Quote for Draft orders

  • Refund / Credit note

  • Purchase order (for dropshippers)

7- Order Printer Pro actually works in the Shopify POS and Mobile apps. The Shopify Order Printer app can be access from the POS and Mobile apps, but the way it prints documents makes it nearly useless, as it includes app UI on printed documents, can only handle single pages etc.

We've also improved the general speed and efficiency of the app, compared to the standard Order Printer by Shopify, so you can get more done faster.

Learn more and install Order Printer Pro from the Shopify App Store:


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