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How to edit the HTML, CSS and Liquid of print and PDF templates in Order Printer Pro.

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Templates in Order Printer Pro are used to generate your documents, and control both the design and information of each document. Order information is automatically imported into each document from Shopify.

Templates are made up of HTML, CSS and Liquid, so they are fully customizable.

Edit an existing template

1- Go to the Manage templates page in Order Printer Pro

2- Click the "Edit template" button next to the template you would like to customize

3- You will then find the template code in the "Code" tab on the Edit template page

4. You can see a preview of your document design, by clicking the "Preview" tab

5- You can search for supported Liquid variables that you can use, in the "Liquid variable list"

6- Once you are done making changes, click the "Save" button.

You can find a list of help articles showing how to make common changes to your templates here:


If you don't have experience coding your own templates, check out our Order Printer Templates app. It will allow you to create custom with no coding knowledge, for a simple one-time purchase.

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