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Removing header/footer info from printed pages
Removing header/footer info from printed pages

How to remove the header and footer information that browsers add to printed pages

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Most browsers add a header and footer automatically to every page they print. You can remove these to give your documents a cleaner, more professional look.

Each browser has a different way to remove these:

Google Chrome

1- Click the "Print" button to bring up the print preview screen
2- Click the "More settings" section to expand the options
3- Disable the checkmark on "Headers and footers"


1- From the menu in the top left corner of your browser, choose "File", then "Page setup.."
2- Go to the second tab called "Margins & Header / Footer"
3- In the drop down lists choose "--blank--" for all the items you don't want printed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Select Print > Page Setup from the gear menu in the upper, right corner of the Internet Explorer window.

  2. Remove any text in the "Header" and "Footer" fields:

In general, you need to uncheck the option in the browser's print window for the headers and footers.

Note: If you're printing from the Shopify app on iOS, it defaults to the Safari browser, which unfortunately won't have the option to turn off the footer/header information. Therefore, you may set Chrome as the default browser for the iOS device so that it can allow you to remove the footer and header.

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