Adding a logo to your designs is a great way to showcase your brand, and is recommended for all stores. And Order Printer Pro allows you to easily upload a logo and set its width.

Note: The following guide is relevant if you are using the template designs that are provided within the Order Printer Pro app.

Add logo to your templates

  1. Login Order Printer Pro (Shopify admin > Apps)

  2. Go to the "Manage templates" page

  3. Click the "Customize branding" button on the top of the page

  4. Tap the "Upload logo" option to choose and upload your logo image

5. Modify the logo width to your preference and then click the "Save" button

Once done, the applied customizations will be used in all the templates created in the app.


You can adjust the accent color in your templates. Simply click on the "Accent color" section and navigate through the color picker tool to find and save the color of your preference.

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