Adding a logo to your designs is a great way to showcase your brand, and is recommended for all stores.

Uploading the logo to your Shopify account

Note: The following guide is relevant if you are using the template designs that are provided within the Order Printer Pro app.

Before you add your store logo to your templates, you need to upload your logo to your Shopify admin. You need the URL that is assigned to your file to use on your packing slips.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Files.

  2. Click Upload files.

  3. Select and upload your store logo from your device.

  4. Copy the file URL when the upload is complete.

Add logo to your templates

  1. Login Order Printer Pro (Shopify admin > Apps)

  2. Go to the "Manage templates" page

  3. Click the "Edit template" button on the template you would like to add your logo to

  4. In the "Code" section, paste the logo url you copied earlier, between the quotes of the  SETTING_shop_logo variable (see screenshots below):



5. Click the "Save" button

6. Repeat these steps for any other templates you would like to add the logo to. You do not need to re-upload the logo file each time, you can paste the same url into all templates.


You can adjust the size of the logo by changing the variable called: SETTING_shop_logo_width just below where you pasted the logo url. The example below shows a logo which will be 300px wide.

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