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Importing templates from Order Printer Templates
Importing templates from Order Printer Templates

Step by step instructions for importing a purchased template, created in the Order Printer Templates app.

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Note: This guide requires that you have already purchased a custom template in our Order Printer Templates app.

Importing a purchased template from Order Printer Templates is quick and easy, as we have setup an integration to do most of the work for you.

1- Login to Order Printer Pro:

2- On the "Manage templates" screen, click the "Create template" button:

3- A new template is created, and a "Template setup" pop-up will appear.

4- Your purchased templates will be listed:

5- Click the "Import" button on the template you would like to import, and the app will automatically set this template up for you.

6- Complete the "Name" field, and choose if this should be the "Default template for" any of the available order types.

7- Click the "Save" button, and you are done!

8- Repeat for any other templates you would like to import.


The "Default template for" checkboxes control which templates are automatically selected when you access the app, from the different links in your Shopify admin. For example, when accessing the app from the "Orders" page in your Shopify admin, then any template with the "Default template for" setting enabled on "Orders" will be selected automatically.

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