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Printing from Shopify Admin

Instructions how to print the documents for yourself from within the Shopify admin, for a single order or in bulk.

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You can generate, print and save documents in Order Printer Pro, in a couple of ways:

Printing a single order

  1. In your Shopify admin

  2. Go to the Orders section

  3. Click on an order to open it

  4. In the "More actions" dropdown, select Print with Order Printer Pro

Printing multiple orders at once

Shopify allows you to select up to 50 orders at once and then open apps with those orders selected.

  1. In your Shopify Admin

  2. Go to the Orders section

  3. Put a checkmark on the orders you want to print for

  4. In the actions bar, click on the three dots and select Print with Order Printer Pro

Note: You can select and print a maximum of 50 orders at a time. The 50-order limit is something that Shopify controls, and apps cannot change that limit, unfortunately.


You can also save PDFs of documents directly, by selecting Export PDF with Order Printer Pro in the menus instead.

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