Adding integrated address labels

Instructions for including additional shipping and return labels, to be printed on "Integrated label" paper

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Integrated label paper is a great way to print both the packing slip / invoice and the shipping / return address at the same time, on the same sheet of paper.

All of our Order Printer Templates support integrated labels. You can enable them in your template like this:

  1. Login to Order Printer Templates (Shopify admin -> Apps)

  2. Click the "Customize template" button on your design

  3. In the editor, go into the "Options and formats" section

  4. Adjust the settings found under the heading "Integrated labels (optional)"

There is support for right aligned labels, left aligned labels and double label styles.

You can also adjust the return address shown on the labels by enabling "Edit text mode" in the editor.

Supported Integrated Label Types

Currently we support the following integrated label paper types:

Right aligned (Shipping Address):

  • Avery L4830 (96mm x 64mm)

  • Avery L4831 (110mm x 76mm)

  • Avery L4832 (85mm x 54mm)

  • Style A or S1 (96mm x 64mm)

  • Style B or S2 (110mm x 76mm)

  • Style C or S3 (85mm x 54mm)

Left Aligned (Shipping Address):

  • Avery L4836 (80mm x 45mm)

  • Avery L4837 (110mm x 80mm)

  • Avery L7983 (110mm x 45mm)

  • Style D or S4 (89mm x 36mm)

  • Style H or S9 (80mm x 45mm)

  • Style K or S11 (110mm x 80mm)

Double Labels (Shipping Address + Return Address)

  • Avery L4840 (85mm x 54mm)

  • Avery L4843 (95mm x 65mm)

  • Style A or D1/D2 (89mm x 54mm)

  • Style B or D3/D4 (89mm x 84mm)

  • Style D or D6/D7 (110mm x 80mm)

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