Prices are showing <span class="money">

How to remove the money formatting so it does not show strange pricing in the invoices

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This issue is caused by some old code in your Shopify settings, and is very easily fixed. To fix the pricing display issue, please do the following:

1- Go to this page in your Shopify Admin:
2- Scroll down to the "Store currency" section

3- Click the "Change formatting" blue link.

4- Find the "Email with currency" and "Email without currency" fields (see image):

5- Change the "Email with currency" field from:

<span class="money">${{ amount }} USD</span>


${{ amount }} USD

6- Change the The "Email without currency" field from:

<span class="money">${{ amount }}</span>


${{ amount }}

7- Once done, save the changes.


It can take 15-30 minutes before the Order Printer app will see the changes made to the settings above.

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