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Pricing, free trials and subscriptions
Pricing, free trials and subscriptions

Explanation of the apps free and unlimited pricing subscription plans.

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When signing up for Order Printer Pro, you will be asked to confirm your subscription with Shopify, to begin your 14-day free trial.

After the 14-day free trial ends, the app will monitor your Shopify account for how many orders it generates each month, regardless of how many of those orders (or how many times) are printed or exported using the Order Printer Pro app.

If your store generates more than 50 orders in a month, a $10 charge will be added to your Order Printer Pro subscription for that month. 

If you generate fewer than 50 orders in a month, then no charge will be added to your account.

This makes sure that you are only paying for the app in months where your store gets more than 50 orders and are not charged for slower months. No upgrades or downgrades needed!

NOTE: All charges are in USD, and a month is considered a 30 day period. All charges are handled by Shopify, using the payment details you have on file with them. Order Printer Pro does not have (or want) access to your payment details.

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