You can save PDF documents for yourself in Order Printer Pro, in a couple of ways:

Save a PDF for a single order

  1. In your Shopify admin
  2. Go to the Orders section
  3. Click on an order to open it
  4. In the "More actions" dropdown, select Create PDF with Order Printer Pro

Save a PDF of multiple orders

  1. In your Shopify Admin
  2. Go to the Orders section
  3. Put a checkmark on the orders you want to save as a PDF
  4. In the Bulk actions dropdown, select Print with Order Printer Pro
  5. In Order Printer Pro click "Print" then use the browser specific instruction below to save as a PDF.

Each browser and operating system handles saving to PDF differently:

Google Chrome on Mac OS X or Windows

If you're using the Google Chrome browser, then you can save to a PDF directly from the print dialog. Under Destination, click Change... and then select Save as PDF:

Mac OS X

Mac OS X's print dialog lets you print to PDF from any browser. In the print dialog box, select PDF on the bottom left and then select Save as PDF...:

Microsoft Windows

For browsers other than Google Chrome on Windows, you can use software like CutePDF to save to PDF from any print dialog. On Windows 10, you can specify that you want to save as PDF in the Print window.

Note: You can select and save a maximum of 50 orders into a single PDF. The 50 order limit is something that Shopify controls, and apps unfortunately cannot change that limit.

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