AfterShip is a very popular app that provides customers with a better package tracking service. This article explains how to use AfterShip with OrderlyEmails.

Setup is be done by removing the standard "Tracking button" section from the email, and adding a normal  "Button" section instead, with your custom AfterShip link. 

Step 1

In the editor, select the Shipping confirmation email from the email chooser.

Step 2

Click on the "Tracking button" section in the list of sections.

Step 3

Click the "Remove section" button.

Step 4

Click the "Add section" button found at the bottom of the sections list.

Step 5

Select the "Button" section and click "Add"

Step 6

In the "Links to" field, add in your custom AfterShip tracking url found in your AfterShip account. It will look similar to this:{{ fulfillment.tracking_number }}

Note: Do not copy/paste the above, it is just an example.

Step 7

Add text/wording to the button as needed.

Step 8

You can also the position of the button in the email, by dragging the section in the list of sections.

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