Step 1

Copy your unique link code provided on the last step of the in-app setup instructions. It will look similar to this:

<p><a target='_blank' href='{{ id | times: 6916 }}/{{ order_number | default: number }}.pdf'>Click here to download your PDF receipt</a></p>

Note: Do not copy the above code, you must use the code provided to you in the app.

Step 2

Click this link to open the Order confirmation email in your Shopify admin:

Step 3

In the email code section, paste in the code you copied in Step 1 above. We suggest adding the link code as shown in the below screenshot:

Step 4

Click on the "Preview" link in the top bar (just below the Order confirmation title) to see how your email will look. It will look similar to this:

Step 5

Press Save and you are done! Now anytime one of those emails is sent, there is a link included to download the document as PDF

Step 6

Please do consider leave a quick review of this free app in the app store. It really does help my one-man mission to make the world more paperless :)

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